The Festival

The Human Networks Festival is an evolution of the Ouishare Fest, which we have hosted elevent times in the last six years. The theme of the fest is renewed each year, but they all have the following ambitions as their pillars:

  • Inspiration for all participants, with speakers contributing with accessible knowledge on innovative topics.
  • Co-creation, as these events are dedicated to innovative collaboration between all the attendees, with many workshops run by experienced facilitators for new ideas to emerge and for new projects to be born.
  • Connectivity, the Fest is a space and an experience designed to facilitate encounters and discovery between innovators, thought leaders and professionals. 

This year we wanted to explore the new ways how humans are disrupting traditional organisations and institutions. We are looking into the new emergent models to face global challenges and seize new opportunities.

Key Data

Spring 2019, Barcelona
700 attendees
Good weather expected


Call for Proposals

The Human Networks Festival is an international event that gathers thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and movement builders to think critically about digital transformations and drive systemic change.

Every year we have over 100 speakers, hosting innovative and inclusive formats, including workshops, masterclasses, installations and experiences. We also have a small number of keynotes, but we much prefer participatory activities. For this reason we are not taking proposals for keynotes.


Check out previous Fests at the YouTube channel