Why Human Networks Festival?


how things started

In 2018 the first two Human Network Convergences took place. You can read about them from Lisa’s, Manel’s and Corinna’s perspectives or learn more about their organizing principles from Ria’s article about collective (re-)alignment and check the publication we co-created in Barcelona in October 2018.

The purpose of the October convergence was to test whether a shared event, such as a co-designed festival, could provide a container for the networks to share their learnings and practices with the wider world as a means for being greater than the sum of our networks.

While both meetings didn’t produce final answers to our questions - or a festival - we felt they were highly fertile. They resulted in multiple work streams, new connections and friendships, profound knowledge exchange and left us inspired and energized. We believe these formats answer to fundamental needs and give space for serendipity to emerge and therefore want to create another convergence together with you!

And who knows, maybe one day the festival will become a reality.

Have a look at the pictures from our last convergence.