We want to invite you to co-create this gathering with us

We can imagine:

  • Morning circles to start each day

  • Creating room for experiments, play and unlearning

  • Hosting Open Space sessions - both for co-creation and for sharing our work, organisations and projects with each other - and maybe starting new ones!

  • Identifying our shared needs, drivers and challenges and think about how we can move forward as an ecosystem to transform connections into collective action

  • Sessions on wellbeing, care, mental health and belonging

  • Thinking about more radical sustainability and interconnectedness while exploring the surrounding nature

  • Sessions on how to navigate times collapse, reimagining the future and staying conscious of the outcomes of our change-making and activism, how do we act wisely?

  • Breaking the bubbles - discussing how we can leave the silos, live diversity and become truly collaborative and interconnected

  • Time to recharge, connect, drink wine and enjoy local food

Re-write and re-design with us what is forming

If you have ideas on what to add, have something to share, feel something is missing, re-write and re-design with us what is forming.

The format of our convergence will leave room for us to co-create the agenda, answer to our needs and host the discussions that emerge.

Additionally we will work on a concrete outcome: A condensed and shareable guide that enables others to come together in this unique way that enables synergies between networks and communities. How can we make convergences ubiquitous? The prototypes for the format are already here and open sourced to some extent, we want to develop them further and condense them together to share this tool for everyone to use.

This is your convergence as much as it is ours